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AES Show Spring 2021 - Audio Engineering Convention

Streamcast online May 25-28, 2021

In an isolated world, it’s more important than ever to stay on top of technology and in contact with colleagues. Whether you are an end user, researcher, educator or student, the comprehensive Technical Program of the AES Show Spring 2021 International Convention is a single source solution to staying informed and staying in touch, available where you live and work.

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Title: Multi-Domain Transducer Measurement by Simon Steiner 

Electro-acoustic transducers used in loudspeaker systems typically translate an electrical signal into acoustic sound by mechanically actuating a diaphragm or cone with an electro-magnetic motor. Comprehensive transducer testing therefore requires a multi-domain approach with measurements in all relevant domains: electric, mechanic, acoustic, and magnetic. This workshop addresses this need for multi-domain measurements and provides practical solutions for fast and comprehensive transducer testing as well as methods to verify simulation results.

A broad range of measurements and methods will be shown including single point measurements, distributed measurements (scanning) and measurement methods based on model fitting for linear as well as non-linear behavior. The multi-domain measurement approach provides a wealth of relevant data, enables a much deeper understanding of the transducer, its behavior and its defects and enables symptoms to be linked to their actual root causes. The presented measurement methods are in most cases faster than traditional measurements and only require normal semi-reverberant rooms with minimal acoustic treatment. This enables savings in time and resources both in the short and long run by reducing measurement time, eliminating the need for special facilities like anechoic rooms and cutting down research time and the amount of necessary prototype iterations. This workshop centers on practical demonstrations of measuring an electro-acoustic transducer (DUT) in multiple domains using the KLIPPEL Multi-Scanning Workbench.


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Saturday, 2021-05-01 08:20 Age: -13 Days