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Free Utilities for use in dB-Lab

Features and Benefits

  • Help to automate and control complex measurement tasks
  • Offer access to external programs
  • Interact with the user in test sequences
  • Auralize and export waveforms of dB-Lab modules to improve root-cause analysis
  • Check the sensors of your measurement device


Small, handy tools (operations) help in the daily work with Klippel Analyzer System. Those tools are free of charge and are included in the R&D software package.

  • Audio Player Module (Play): 
    Playback time course data from Transfer Frequency Analysis (TRF) and other operations as well as wave files
  • Input / Output Module (IO): 
    Manages Bluetooth® connectivity and multiplexer control
  • Input Monitoring Module (IMO):
    Records and displays sensor data in time and frequency domain




Any application or test sequence can integrate those utilities

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