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Software Protection Dongle (USB Dongle)

The Klippel Dongle serves as a license device, providing the possibility to run some Klippel software modules without any further Klippel hardware. It does not offer data storage functionality or reading functions for the user.

Dongle 2 (blue or red)

Is used for:

Dongle 3 (black)

It also called Klippel Dongle and is used for: 


License Policy

Licenses for Klippel modules, tools and add-ons are bound to one specific Klippel measurement device (serial number of DA2, KA3, PM8) and/or one specific dongle (serial number hardware protection device). Your license to use the module, tool or add-on will fully expire if you lose the dongle. We basically do not replace lost dongles. If the dongle is damaged, we will replace this at your expense, provided you return the dongle to Klippel GmbH, Germany.

Please see for more information on our Price and Terms site.