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QC Programmable System

Modified version of the KLIPPEL QC SYSTEM

QC Programmable System

Although the KLIPPEL QC Standard System already provides default solutions and many ways for customization via the user interface, it is possible to modify the QC SYSTEM using SCILAB scripting (comparable with MATLAB®).

The Programmer Mode gives access to the following SCILAB scripts:

  • measurement script (signal processing, stimulus generation and analysis)
  • statistical analysis script (reference units, process statistics)
  • limit calculation script (automatic algorithm, “golden reference units”)
  • pass/fail check (grading, data logging, visualization)
  • control script (routing, external control, user interaction)
  • user interface (barcode, printing, labels).

It is also possible to specify any demand and ask KLIPPEL for implementing these specifications.

SciLab source code for scripts of the QC standard version are included to allow simple modifications and getting started quickly.

QC Programmable System includes

All parts and features of QC Standard System plus additional programming kit (including programmer guide, examples, SciLab source code and editor customization).