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Power Monitor 8 (discontinued)

A new power test solution (hardware and software) is currently under development and scheduled for release in 2021. 
Please contact support(at)klippel(dot)de for details.



Power Monitor
  • Special hardware for power testing
  • Eight channel speaker monitoring
  • Voltage (< 240 V)
  • Current sensor (< 50 A) without additional serial resistor
  • Stand-alone and PC-controlled operation
  • Fast, hot plug USB interface
  • Large internal memory for long term tests
  • 19” / 2U rack mountable

Power Monitor 8 is a special hardware platform for the long term testing of up to 8 speakers simultaneously. The hardware hosts a high performance digital signal processor for demanding calculations and accurate 24 Bit AD/DA converters with a sampling frequency up to 96 kHz1. The Power Monitor 8 can be operated as a stand-alone unit by using the key pad and the display. Connecting a computer via USB-interface the computer software dB-Lab and several measurement modules can be used to control the unit and visualize the results. In addition to the 8 channel speaker monitoring the hardware provides a two channel line (XLR) in- and output.

[1] The maximum usable sampling frequency depends on the used software.


Hardware Version for special applications

Measurement Modules running with PM8 hardware:

Components included in the PM8 package

Power Monitor hardware
8 High Precision Speaker Cable (true 4 wire)
1 Amplifier Cable
1 USB Cable
1 power supply with power cable
user manual in English language

Power Monitor

The figure illustrates the power testing of 8 devices under test by using a Power Monitor 8 in stand-alone operation.

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