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Math Processing Software (MAT)

Math Processing Software
  • Implement your own ideas
  • Write flexible, powerful scripts
  • Exploit MatLab/ Scilab
  • Hide math in a container
  • Create tools usable for everyone
  • Extend dB-Lab functionality
  • Share tools with co-workers

The MAT module is a programmable tool to determine any kind of mathematical processing such as simulations, statistics or graphical display of data. In addition to a basic tool box that comes with the KLIPPEL R&D SYSTEM, a user may write his own powerful applications using MatLab or SciLab. Processing is encapsulated in a module so co-workers not familiar with the high-level language may operate the MAT module using the common interface of dB-Lab. Thus, the MAT module is an ideal basis for creating new tools which may be shared within the working team.


Related post-processing

KLIPPEL also provides free post-processing scripts within the Calculator Module (CAL) to accomplish mathematical processing, special export and import formatting, curve manipulation and other data management.



The screenshot above illustrates an example script showing the adding of two SPL curves.

Example scripts coming with the MAT comdule

MAT Add curve (dB)

Adding the sound pressure of two curves given in 'dB'; The weighting is applied to the sound pressure.

MAT FreqTranslate

Transformation of the frequency axis

MAT Sub curve (dB)

Subtracts "CurveB" weighted with "weightB" from "CurveA" weighted with "weightA" using curves in various formats (real, complex, dB + phase)

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